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See the Picture: 11 september Rodeo Contest 2004    - Turbigo Turbo Wave may 2004 -  TTW2004


* Spot description

Turbigo Wave is one of the safest spot, in case of un-wanted falls into the water. It's the "paradise of the surf" for everyone: from the absolute beginner up to the expert.

                                                    2004                                                                                             on the night


* How to reach Turbigo Wave

You may find some help in these two maps: the first one is a general map of the NW region of Milan, the second one has the details of the spot site.
The roads we are suggesting might not be the shortest one, but is the simplest.
The starting point is the auto-route A4 (Milano-Torino).



Auto-route A4 (Novara EST) - Galliate - Turbigo - Robecchetto - ONDA

Novara EST - Turbigo
If you come from Turin or Milan, take the exit Novara EST. From here follow the signs Galliate or "Malpensa airport". Cross Ticino river (iron bridge). Go straight on and pass 2 traffic lights.
Turbigo (or Castano Primo) - Robecchetto
From Turbigo drive to Castano Primo, pass the railway bridge. After the bridge (about 700m.) you will find a traffic light. Turn RIGHT to Robecchetto. NOTE: if you chose another way and you are coming from Castano, when you find the traffic light you must (obviously) turn LEFT to Robecchetto.
Robecchetto - ONDA
Now you have a long straight road in front of you. Turn RIGHT after about 200m. (follow the signs Ticino or Naviglio Grande). Follow the truck route signs. After about 1km, you will find a traffic light: turn RIGHT (signs to "Fraz. Padregnana" or "Ristorante S. Pietro"). Now you have to follow the route, you will have a left turn, then a right turn, then a downhill drive. When you arrive to a T cross, turn RIGHT (to Fraz. Padregnana/Ristorante S. Pietro). You will find a parking sign near at the restaurant. Park your car and follow the water noise.
The Wave is going to welcome you !